Certified Residential & Commercial Electrician in Louisville CO

Better Way Electric & Data Comm, Inc. was first founded way back in 1976. But even though they’ve been serving the Louisville, Colorado area for more than 40 years, they’re still working as hard as ever to prove they’re the best in the business when it comes to delivering top-notch electrical services to their customers. Better Way employs certified residential electricians as well as electricians who specialize in commercial electrical service and industrial electrical contractors, too.

The next time you need a ceiling fan installed or want to have your home rewired during a renovation project, the team at Better Way will be standing by to help. Whether you want to install a brand new electrical system in your home or just add an outlet to your bedroom, a certified residential electrician from Better Way Electric & Data Comm, Inc. will make sure it gets done right.

Commercial clients can also find a variety of valuable services at Better Way. You can have the lighting in your property updated to make it more energy efficient, for example, or ask for a new tenant fit-up or assistance with design-build construction in Louisville, Colorado.

In addition to helping residential and commercial customers, Better Way Electric & Data Comm, Inc. works with industrial companies as well. They have even entered the data communication space, which makes staying connected easy for industrial establishments.

Need a hand with a residential, commercial or industrial electrical job in Louisville, Colorado? Contact Better Way Electric & Data Comm, Inc. at (303) 772-8003 to get started today.